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Mon to Wed: 9:30 am to 5:00 pmSecond Sat of the Month: 9:30 am to 5:00pm

Cel: (703) 570-1514Voice & Text in English & SpanishTel: 703-533-7600


Our Philosophy


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ORS is an acronym for One Room School and succinctly summarizes our approach to learning and team collaboration in the 21st Century. Advances in technology have evolved to the point where the highly touted concept of “One Planet, One Room” is now a firm reality. In the one room school of the past, there was but a single instructor who delivered and facilitated learning activities for many different age groups, for varying levels of skill and knowledge and across several different subjects-all at the same time (real time in current terminology)! The approach utilized by ORS is very similar.
Today though, we specialize in both e-Learning (web-based and desk-top systems) and liveLearning (old fashioned, instructor-led training that integrates new technologies and other highly interactive elements).

Our core capabilities engage us in:
assessment of your learning needs and competency requirements,planning and design of a wide range of eLearning and liveLearning initiatives,competency modeling and curriculum development,creation of new content and re-purposing of your existing content,development and implementation of integrated Learning Management Systems including assessment and certification programs, and ongoing program administration and project management services.


Unlike the old days, one size no longer fits everybody. To be successful in today’s environment, learning must be targeted at the specific needs of each individual, address critical skills gaps and build core and advanced competencies required for personal and organizational success. To do otherwise results in inefficient and ineffective programs that drain your valuable development resources without producing corresponding increases in performance and productivity. ORS is like a “heat seeking” missile when it comes to identifying and forging strategic alliances with organizations and experts who convey industry best practices. Our strategic partners work with some of the most prestigious companies, organizations, and institutions in the world.
The scope of learning programs undertaken by ORS ranges from science-based (food safety systems, bio-sciences and third-party evaluation of standards compliance) to new technologies (productivity training, web-based applications and multimedia development) to customer relationship management (service delivery, online registries and quality measurement).

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    Our Project Teams are trained and managed in the “ORS Approach”, and are always committed to delivering the highest level of quality-on time and within your budget. ORS partners with you to thoroughly understand your needs, your environment, and your requirements for success. eLearning and liveLearning initiatives are significant endeavors for just about every organization…we make the complex understandable and clearly define goals, objectives, action plans and expected results for you.

    Our work is our passion…it shows in our deliverables…it shows in our relationships…and it shows in the return on investment we help you achieve.