Nationally Accredited Food Safety Certification Exams

ORS Interactive administers nationally accredited, computerized food safety certification exams (immediate results available) in English and Spanish and nationally accredited, paper & pencil food safety certification exams (results in 7 to 10 days) in Arabic, Korean, Chinese Vietnamese, and French in our secure testing facility at Seven Corners in Falls Church, Virginia. Advance reservations are not required.

It is not necessary to complete a Food Safety Class prior to taking a Food Safety Certification Exam but many people find this helpful in preparing for the exam. ORS Interactive offers Public and Private / On-Site Classroom Training in Preparation for Nationally Accredited Food Safety Certification Exams in English and Spanish. Additionally, ORS Interactive has a Food Safety Study Guide in English and in Spanish on sale in the ORS Interactive office which serves as a valuable resource in preparing for a food safety certification exam. Contact our office for complete details. Information about other providers of Food Safety Exams and Food Safety Classes in the Northern Virginia Region is also available from ORS Interactive, Inc. and through local Health Departments.

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